I am currently in the process of moving both home & business locations & will therefore be closing shop for orders until we are settled in. Most likely end of November!

I look forward to serving you again!

Power Salve



Take the power of our Healing Salve up a notch with our Power Salve! Like our Healing Salve, we have infused Organic Virgin Olive Oil with Calendula and Plantain herbs (Calendula and Plantain combined carry a wide multitude of skin nourishing and healing properties). We then have added Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Lavender Essential Oils (1% dilution) to add even more skin healing goodness.

*Salves with essential oils should NOT be used on open wounds. (Please use the Healing Salve for that as whole herb infused oils are gentler in those circumstances)

* Salve is not for use on little ones under the age of three. (Healing Salve is perfect for those little ones)

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